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Improve environmental performance with comprehensive Scope 2 emissions and carbon reporting.

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With increasing participation in voluntary and mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) programs, annual reporting of Scope 2 GHG and carbon emissions has become more prevalent. Measuring and reporting GHG emissions helps leaders understand and prioritize opportunities to improve the economic, social and environmental performance of their facilities.

The PK EMS Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Reporting offering provides comprehensive out-of-the-box Scope 2 GHG reports that cover past emission trends and the current status and forecasts. Energy leaders can choose from our standard library of GHG multipliers in the U.S. and internationally or define their own multipliers to comply with global reporting needs and mandated protocols. Reports are easy to configure and can be viewed as dashboard widgets or detailed data reports. Graphics provide a powerful visual illustration of the social impact of your carbon reduction programs – a great way to spread the word and garner support for key initiatives.

PK can help enterprises stay on top of reporting requirements made by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the Automated Benchmarking System (ABS), among other national and international regulatory agencies.

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